Vintage di Mare was founded by a resilient woman who has experienced the peaks and valleys of life. Through travelling across some of the most charming parts of Italy, she came to realise a genuine purpose in creating a collection that represented the natural beauty that surrounded her.

There was no need to alter or enhance something that the world had shaped to be exactly the way it needed to be. Instead, she chose to immortalise the splendour she saw within the sea and created something that could be treasured and enjoyed regularly, and for years to come. She pursued her vision in demonstrating the power within the bounties of the organic world and their healing properties, which can change our lives for the better.

As such, the brand encapsulates the raw, untouched beauty of nature’s splendid creations and offers simple yet sophisticated designs to suit a variety of palates. Specialist Italian artisans have effectively captured every shade and element of the sea and its inhabitants in the unique products, which combine beautifully tiny seashells, along with precious metals and timeless healing gemstones.

The various semiprecious gemstones used in the products are raw and unfinished, adding to their striking organic look. They also serve to provide a plethora of established spiritual, emotional and physical health benefits, bringing us into our higher energies, calming our anxieties and fears and helping to ease various ailments throughout our bodies.